·Pipe pre-fabrication line

 ·Arc welding robot workstati-on

 ·Plate edge beveling machine
 ·End facing machine
 ·Lignt duty beveler




  Chooses us, is because of the intimate price, high quality service and specialized technology
Our service objective is:
    Take the customer as the attention focal point, lets customer satisfaction is our wish.
Our service pledge is:
    1.After receives the customer to request the service the information, generally arrives the scene within 24 hours, by the highly effective service, achieved quickly the customer is satisfied.
    2.Promptly provides the information for the customer which needs.
The service attitude and the grade of service make the appraisal by the customer.
    3.In the normal use, the maintenance situation, in a year our company implements “three packages” the policy, “rather company Owes, harms the customer in no way”.
Our service project is:
    1.When the customer has the need, accurate, prompt, warm-hearted is the customer provides the product instruction booklet, the price list, the quotation and so on the related non-secret technical data, when the urgent need transmits with the special delivery.
    2.Assists the customer shaping, explains the customer to consult, introduction product characteristic.
    3.Prompt, accurate provides the full quantity to the customer the spare parts spare parts.
    4.When the customer has the request, free provides technical training for the customer.
    5.Every receive or complies customer's item, should give processes the echo.
    6.The stochastic belt uneven document, on-the-spot guidance operation, dispatches an official to service the breakdown.
    7.To the market tendency, the quality information, the technical information which collects in the customer and so on should carry on analyze, processing earnestly.