·Pipe pre-fabrication line

 ·Arc welding robot workstati-on

 ·Plate edge beveling machine
 ·End facing machine
 ·Lignt duty beveler




1、Processing equipment
Large-scale horizontal lathe Numerical control surface lathe Landing boring milling machine
Heavy duty engine lathe Vertical processing center MC1050PB Horizontal-type processing center HN100C
Large-scale boring lathe

2、Technological innovation
    For many years, Will has set up German Corporation implements “the variation” the product development strategy, the establishment and the standard technological innovation system, enlarges the scientific research investment unceasingly, the optimized scientific research condition and the method, sets up Germany'sdevelopment for Will to provide the sufficient technical support.
    At present, has the high quality, the expert composition research and development team, in line with “specialized, highly effective” the objective, utilizes the domestic and foreign advanced achievements in scientific research, the design method and the test equipment,
develops every year the new product continuously puts in the market, makes the company to maintain at the same profession technical lead.
3、Outstanding talented person
   “Respects the talented person, the respect knowledge” is throughout Will sets up the Germany corporate management work the first essential factor. Respects each staff industriously each diligently, pays great attention to the staff value the realization, implements Will to set up the German talented person project, created the fair competition environment for the staff, the diplomatic group team potential obtained the display; And strengthens and domestic and foreign advanced cultural, the vanguard technology, the advanced management exchange and the cooperation unceasingly, was Will sets up German Corporation the business management to realize the time and time again leap, has established has certain influence enterprise in domestic and the international same profession.
4、Quality control
   Establishment and perfect quality assurance system,Carries on the all-the-way tracking, the monitoring to the quality goal implementation situation, prevents each kind of flaw occurrence effectively, guarantees can long-term, achieve the customer stably the quality requirement. Therefore, we have done following work:
    1.Establishment quality control network. The company has established take general manager as the head, the superintendent represents the responsible quality control network, the interior has set up the system movement department specifically, and established the full time personnel to be responsible for the naturequantity system the movement, has been clear about the related responsibility and the jurisdiction.
    2.Through ISO9001:2000 version international quality system authentication. In the production management process, we strictly according to the standard request standard management, have the plan, divide the stage according to the stipulated procedure operation, produces the quality quantity and the technical document achieves has the basis, has the appraisal, had achieved the integrity, the unity and the accurate request, the technological document after the production practice confirmation, may instruct to produce and to guarantee the quality, lived for the batch produces has prepared for technology.
    3.Has formulated the enterprise standard. The company for the standard product quality, according to the national related stipulation, has formulated the product enterprise standard, produces as the company with the performance test technical basis. All standards all report the Rui-an city quality engineering supervision bureau to set up a file, this enterprise standard is advantageous in the instruction produces and examines the product quality.
    4.Completes the product the quality examination. The quality historic record integrity, outsourcing raw material enters shop all provides has the quality written guarantee, each production working procedure implements strictly “three examines” the system, and implements the key control to the key working procedure, each working procedure examines again when carries on strictly according to the corresponding examination document, after the examination must leave behind the record.
    5.Further strengthens and the perfect standardization manages and measures the supervisory work. Our company has the advanced instrumentation, and delivers the city measurement examination to appraise regularly, achieves examines the measuring instrument to be reliable, the size is accurate. Guaranteed from the nature all to formulate the quality responsibility and the management inspection means to the workshop teams and groups, the strict execution unqualified material did not go into storage, the certified product did not keep into the evil ways working procedure.
The company according to the ISO9000 quality system movement, has strictly obtained the extremely obvious result. The product quality level enhances unceasingly, the end product qualified rate reaches above 99%, many years have not had the significant quality suit event, the user degree of satisfaction enhance greatly.